To inform and empower our diverse Lake City community.


Our Mission:

The Lake City Neighborhood Alliance (LCNA) is an alliance of neighborhood organizations which aid one another in their mission to protect and enhance the quality of residential life in the greater Lake City area.


Our Neighborhood

Lake City has many groups working to build and maintain a vibrant neighborhood. With its geography divided by a state highway and major arterials, one of Lake City’s challenges is to overcome both a physical and mental sense of separation. To that end, the Lake City Neighborhood Alliance was formed to help coordinate the efforts of these separate neighborhood groups.

LCNA member organizations work to actively engage their constituents in decisions and projects, especially as they impact families, homes, and livelihoods. LCNA member organizations continually seek input from members living within Lake City through active engagement: in-person contact, email, listservs, blogs, websites, community meetings, social media, surveys, door-to-door contact, social events, etc.


Our Work

LCNA member organizations are already working to assess and address community needs through their separate neighborhood groups. Therefore, the work of the LCNA is to provide a conduit for these separate groups to work together.

To that end, LCNA members collaborate to identify common neighborhood goals, pool resources, and support each other in developing and realizing neighborhood projects.