Cleanup Walks

Help to beautify Lake City by joining or creating a Cleanup Walk associated with your micro-community in Lake City and surrounding neighborhoods.

To schedule a walk to appear on this calendar contact us to be added.

Douglas Park Cooperative organizes the most regular cleanup walk which often focuses on Lake City’s core and Virgil Flaim Park.

Organizing a Walk

1. Contact neighbors and express an interest in regular walks and cleanups. Decide upon a regular and reoccurring time of convenience. Consider making an invite email list.

2. Acquire supplies: you’ll need bags, gloves, pickup sticks, and a SHARPS container for collecting needles. Visit the Lake City Neighborhood Center and ask about free supplies and disposal of collected trash.

3. Consider keeping a log of your finds. Number of bottles, needles, and areas of concern. A simple Google spreadsheet will allow members of your group to collaborate with you.

4. Promote it. Publish your photos and impressions of your neighborhood. Join Lake City Live on Facebook and share with other Lake City residents, also contact us to be added to the Lake City Community Walks Google calendar (above) to make invitations to your walks public.

You can request supplies (gloves, bags, sharps containers, litter sticks, vests) from the Lake City Neighborhood Service Center.

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